About me


Pavlov Igor Nikolaevich was born in 1967, Meleuz, Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Bashkortostan (USSR)

1984-1987 – study at Kungur Art school (stone-cutting department) in class of S.S. Krivoschchekov and A.P. Krivoschchekova.
1987-1994 – study in Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Fine Arts in class of U.P. Ishkhanov, L.N. Golovnitskiy, A.H. Boyarlin.
From 1994 – work in Meleuz, Republic of Bashkortostan (Russia).

Member of Union of Artists of Russia and Republic of Bashkortostan. Member of the International Association of Fine Arts – AIAP UNESCO. Participant of Republic, regional, Russian and foreign exhibitions. Awarded two medals Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy USSR.

Sculptures are in private collections of Russia, also in private collections of Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, USA.


All of bronze sculptures are made by method of art casting for the melted models with the thickness of the casting wall from 3 to 5 mm and with the high accuracy of reproduction from the plasticine author’s model. A large number of manual operations as well as expensive consumables (jewelry wax, investment powder, alloys and consumables for the subsequent processing of finished works of art) are used. On each sculpture there is an author’s stamp and serial number of the work (but no more than 8 works).

Prof. Sergey B. Krasnov | Corresponding member of the RA of Arts

«What a very good and skillfully executed exhibition. This is a master’s work that develops every year and is not afraid to change directions and styles. There is this feeling that Igor’s mind is full of many creative thoughts and ideas. His school – Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts – is one of the best in the region. The institution is a major arts center, featuring very capable teachers with excellent teaching and management skills. In my opinion, Igor has made a very powerful leap. However, this is not the limit to the huge creative potential of this young sculptor.»

Valentina M. Sorokina | Chief curator, Bashkir State Art Museum

«First of all, I am happy for the author of this exhibition and I am impressed. Every exhibition has its own features. The exhibition stands out thanks to the abundance of work carried out, the very high technical level of execution and a wide variety of styles. Such exhibition is surely needed by the sculptor because it is his first opportunity to listen to the opinion of his colleagues and viewers, and see himself from the outside. The art of sculpture requires solid and deep-laid professional skills, because unlike in painting, it takes a much longer time to master all the intricacies involved in the art. Igor is 39 years old and this is a very young age for an artist. So a long and creative future lies ahead for this sculptor. On this his important day, let me most warmly congratulate him!»


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